The Duck Westbourne Covid Procedures

We have put in place a new set of procedures to make our venue ‘covid secure’ in line with government guidelines for the hospitality industry, which we have outlined below.

Keeping the venue COVID Secure

What we’re doing in the restaurant:

No Bar service – All patrons must be seated by the host on duty and only served by the waiter/waitress assigned to that table to ensure social distancing and reduce foot traffic in the venue.

Bookings – We are currently limiting bookings to 6 people per table with a 2 hour limit to reduce the risk of transmission.

Tables – These are cleared and cleaned with antiviral disinfectant after every use. We have placed clear visuals for social distancing procedures around the venue as well as spacing out tables in line with social distancing guidelines. We have placed barriers to divide our larger tables and reduce contact between our patrons.

Menus – We are currently using disposable food menus and may move towards this with all menus in future. Food menus are disposed of after use and our drinks and dessert menus are cleaned with antiviral disinfectant after use to prevent cross contamination between customers.

Sauces & Cutlery – We have created a section for all our sauces and cutlery away from service areas. All cutlery is polished and placed into single use plastic pouches to be unsealed by our diners. Sauces are brought to tables upon request and used sauce containers are kept separately to be sanitised before being placed back into circulation.

Sanitary Areas – We have placed 4 clearly marked sanitary stations around the venue and encourage both staff and patrons to clean their hands regularly with hand sanitiser.

Venue Ventilation – Doors and windows will be kept open at all times where possible to ensure proper ventilation throughout the venue, though in the event of poor weather the windows may be closed for customer comfort.


What we’re doing with our washrooms:

Regular Cleaning – We regularly wipe down contact surfaces such as the bannisters and try to keep doors open where possible to reduce surface contact. Additionally we’ve acquired a machine that allows us to ‘fog’ the toilets and venue with a fine mist of an antiviral liquid, which we do when before opening, after closing and when the day shift is handed over to the night shift around 4pm.

Limits on numbers – We have limited our toilets to two at a time in each bathroom area, with clearly signage for social distancing. We also have also asked customers to refrain from crossing on the stairs.


What we’re doing in the kitchen:

Limited menu – Our menu has been reduced for the time being allowing us to work with a smaller kitchen team which is able to socially distance where possible and allows for quicker service times.

Masks – Due to the relatively small size of our kitchen, chefs will wear masks during service in addition to our high standard of hygiene, rated at 5 stars.

Outside seating – Outside seating will be available, however we will be unable to allow anyone sitting outside to come in for shelter if the venue is full and the weather changes to cold/wind/rain. Our function room will be kept available in the event of this and will have 3 tables of max 4 people each available on standby in the event of this happening. We will not be accepting bookings for the outdoors or function room sections for these reasons.


What we’re doing for our staff:

Teams – Staff have been divided into teams in order to keep staff interaction to a minimum where possible and reduce the risk of transmission.

PPE – In line with government guidelines we have not made wearing masks mandatory but have a supply of disposable masks, reusable visors and gloves for members of staff who elect to use them.

Waiters – Where possible the same member of staff will serve the same table throughout their stay with us. In addition to this we have divided the restaurant into sections so each server only serves the same section.

Bartenders – Where possible the bartenders will stay behind the bar at all times, fulfilling drinks orders and washing glasses.

Temperature monitoring – We take all staff temperatures before commencing their shifts.


Opening times

Mon to Friday 12-late
Sat & Sunday 11-late

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